Carry Trade Risk

Being that you are a professional trader, you already know what the first question you should ask before entering a trade is, right?

“What is my risk?”

Correct! Before entering a trade you must always asses your max risk and whether or not it is acceptable according to your risk management rules.

In the previous example with Joe the Newbie Trader, his maximum risk would have been $9000. His position would be automatically closed out once his losses hit $9000.


That doesn’t sound very good, does it?

Remember, this is the worst possible scenario and Joe is a newbie, so he hasn’t fully appreciated the value of stop losses.

When doing a carry trade, you can still limit your losses like a regular directional trade. For instance, if Joe decided that he wanted to limit his risk to $1000, he could set a stop order to close his position at whatever the price level would be for that $1000 loss. He would still keep any interest payments he received while holding onto the position.