Safe Pips Indicator H1

Many thanks to everyone who has posted in the past and helped me along my way. In appreciation for all your efforts I will share an indic I made out of several indic and so far its been a safe making pips indicator for me. Please feel free to add comments how to improve it even more.

Use M4 charts with black background
Add the Abosolute Strength Indicator :
Make the colours (Inputs) as follows: Black, Black, Black, DeepPink
Overlay with RSI 2 (DeepSkyBlue) Apply to : Close
Levels : 10 and 90
Style: Silver ( dotted lines)
Overlay with Woodies CCISuper
Make the colours ( Inputs) as follows: Black, White, Black. Black, Black.
Levels 0
Style : Tan

Overlay with LSMA

Read the indic as follows:

On 30 min charts and higher TF's it works well for me. I do day trading I watch a position and close when a move is over, This indicator gives good signals several times a day on 30 mins and 1h TF's.

For a BUY :
When Blue and Pink line crosses and Blue is above Pink
Then wait till Lsma line( green, yellow, red line) goes in between Pink and blue line
Also wait till white line( cci6) goes in between Pink and blue
Its very safe to enter when LSMA is above 0
And when white line is above 0 as well
Its very safe when blue and white line trades almost on top of each other and going sharply in the same direction through 0

More aggresive traders can just use the white line as a guide when it goes through 0 up its a buy

When blue and Pink crosses for a buy, make sure white line is above 0..if it is under 0 the move might be very small dont be greedy here just take a few pips or stay out and wait for white to go above 0
Exit: On a Buy
- When the Blue line goes above the 90 dotted line .. keep a close look as it shows now over bought. Also look at the Pink line when its near 10 or under, its also shows its time to close for profit.
- When LSMA line goes out between Pink and blue
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