Amy Winehouse Hospitalized

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

According to recent news Grammy-winning singer Amy Winehouse was rushed to a London area hospital after collapsing in her home Monday. The talented jazz singer’s rep says Amy is currently under observation and will most likely spend the night under observation.

Come to think about it, in this way she will lose a lot of money as Amy Winehouse’s $2 million Russian gig was almost canceled after the Grammy award winner arrived from London in Moscow “in no condition to appear,” reports the New York Daily News.

Amy was at home this afternoon when she briefly fainted. Fortunately, her manager’s assistant was there to stop her falling. She quickly recovered and her father Mitch took her to hospital as a precaution. She may be kept in overnight for observation……They want to make sure she is OK but it wasn’t an emergency dash.
- a rep for Amy Winehouse says -

Sean Connery Autobiography “Being A Scot”

Sean Connery Being a Scot

Sir Sean Connery is set to launch his long awaited autobiography at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival this summer. The actor said he plans to celebrate his 78th birthday on August 25th by releasing his autobiography, Being a Scot, which will also coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of 007 creator, Ian Fleming. The Hollywood actor who defined the role of British secret agent James Bond is a fierce Scottish nationalist, and has titled his memoirs “Being a Scot.”