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Paris Hilton Mother Doesn’t Want Her Daughter To Marry

Paris Hilton Benji Madden Vegas

Paris Hilton talks about marriage and kids now that her current boyfriend doesn’t seem to have anything against, but Paris Hilton’s mother doesn’t want her daughter to rush into marriage. Kathy Hilton thinks her daughter should take her time to decide whether Benji Madden is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, because they have only been together for a short time. Continue reading →

Paris Hilton Launches Hair Extension Line

Paris Hilton Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton making her way into the hair extension industry as she was present at Loft and Garden in Rockefeller Center recently to promote her own line of hair extensions, which is set to be sold in Sally Beauty Supply stores. The hair extension line is called Clipin-Go by Paris Hilton, and according to Sally Beauty Supply President Mike Spinozzi, this is just the beginning for Paris and Sally.

I’ve been wearing hair extensions for years and have tried other products that didn’t work. When I started using DreamCatchers from my line I started using the best quality and styles.
- Paris Hilton said -

Paris Hilton Banned from Hyatt Hotel in Russia

Paris Hilton Rusia1

Paris Hilton - who was in Russia for the 2008 MTV Russian Movie Awards on April 17th - was banned from Hyatt Hotel-Moscow. The Hilton Hotel heiress earned a lifetime ban after scribbling “Paris Moscow 2008” on the wallpaper decorating the $16,000 a night presidential suite in her on spoilt way. Continue reading →

Paris Hilton to host a pet TV show

Paris Hilton dogs

British media reports that 27-year-old socialite Paris Hilton will host a satellite TV show about pet grooming. “The animal loving” reportedly signed a deal with Britain’s Living TV television channel to star in ‘Paris’ Pooches’. The series would chronicle Paris’ experiences running an LA-style salon for dogs on Bond Street in London according to Britain’s Sunday Star newspaper.

Paris Hilton in Russia for MTV Movie Awards

Paris Hilton Russia

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton flew from London in Moscow, Russia for the 2008 MTV Russian Movie Awards on Thursday, April 17. The troubled wanna-be-singer and actress was there to host the MTV Russia Film Awards with fellow blonds Kseniya Sobchak and Masha Malinovskaya.

Prior the ceremony Paris Hilton gave an interview in her luxurious hotel room at the Ararat Park Hyatt. She refused to answer any questions about Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, her time in prison, drug use, driving under the influence, or her favorite grandfather cutting her out of the will. But what’s left to talk about then? Here are some highlights: Continue reading →