a). Simple Moving Average
Values: 5 close 100 close
b). Gann Hi Low Activator
c). Level stop Reverse
Values:Use ATR mode True Non-ATR stop pips 40 ATR Periods 28ATR Multiplier 2.0 ATR Smoothing 0
D).QQE on 1min and 15 min time frames (3 indicators)
Values:Smoothing Factor 60 (QQE 60) Smoothing Factor 5 (QQE 5) Smoothing Factor 1 (QQE 1) CLICK HERE FOR INDIVIDUAL QQE SETTINGS
E) MOM – Momentum
Value: 10 Close
F) Daily Pivot points at start times
Values: Pivot set 1 = Daily (1=daily, 2=weekly, 3=monthly) only applies to MT4. For VT you would use the "Pivot Point (Daily)" indicator Asian 1900EST 2400GMTLondon & US 0300EST 0800GMTUS (after London close 1100est) 0800EST 1300GMT
Change your Daily setting for the start of every session.
G) Trading Hours
Values: 4am GMT to 1500 GMT only