Auslanco 15min GBP/JPY startegy
Developed by Spanishfly based on my original 4hr/1hr MTF strategy.15 min (Intra-day) GBP/JPY for VT charts . Charts can be downloaded free via Moving Average 5 closeb).Gann Hi Low Activator 10c).Level stop Reverse version 2 Values : ATR Periods 9 ATR Multiplier 3d).QQE alert Values: Smoothing Factor 60Buy : Wait for the two buy alerts.(Green arrow and Blue dot). Buy when the price hits 5 SMA after the two signals.Stop Loss: Right below the confirmation bar on the Gann Hi low Activator line.Take profit: Calculate the distance between OPEN price of the confirmation bar and the price of the Gann Hi low Activator(TFT line) at that point and multiply it by 2. (twice as your stoploss )My TP targets are as follows and an example of lot allocation(total lots 5): 1st TP: 2 X Stoploss (4-Lots)2nd TP: Reverse signal confirmation(1-Lot) Total profits for 5 days live forward testing (since 26/August) : 923 pips on TP1 (7 trades) 6 wins 1lossThis strategy is currently on Forward testing stage. Please demo trade this at least for 2 months