How to spot a trade opportunity:

Buy/Sell signals:
After you get the two signals (Arrow & QQE 60 cross signal) you enter after the QQE5 or QQE1 cross the 50 line.

  • Only take the short trade if the signal generates below the Daily Pivot level.
  • Only take the Long trade if the signal generates above the daily pivot level.

If QQE5 cross to the opposite direction you must exit the trade.

You can re-enter a trade when QQE1 touch the 50 line and cross back towards the QQE60. When you get the proper entry set up, check for the 1hr momentum. If the 1hr momentum and 15 min Momentum on the new confirmation bar shows a very promising trend continuation (45 Degrees plus bent) you don’t have to wait until the 5 SMA touches to enter.

Stop Loss:
60 pips SL is closest support or resistance around 60pips

Take profit:
100 pips