2005 Tokyo Motor Show Complete Coverage

I look forward to attending the Tokyo Motor Show every two years. In this show you can find a vast assortment of people-movers from wild and wacky concepts and futuristic-looking prototypes, to the leading edge of technology in soon-to-be released production vehicles. And now, I make a complete show coverage, for all of you to sneak a peek of these exotic cars.

The Audi S8.

The Audi Shooting Brake Concept.

The 2007 Bugatti Veyron.

The 2006 BMW 130i.

The BMW x3 Hybrid.

The BMW Z4 Coupe Concept.

The Daihatsu Be-Go.

The Daihatsu Costa Concept.

The Daihatsu Esse Concept.

The Daihatsu UFE-III Concept.

The Ferrari GG50.

The Ford Equator.

The Ford Focus C-Max.

The Ford Focus Vignale.

The Honda FCX Concept.

The Honda Sports 4 Concept.

The Honda W.O.W Concept.