15-Minute Fashion
Quick Gifting Idea: Victoria's Secret Stimulating Body Scrub

Wednesday June 4, 2008
Stocking up on gifting items during sale season is a great way to make sure you have something on hand when the occassion pops up, but also save yourself some green. With retailers moving out spring and summer merchandise, you can score big on general items for extended family members, co-workers, and in-laws. Victoria's Secret's Stimulating Body Scrub is a great gift for the summer, as the lightly scented scrub will exfoliate away dead cells, leaving soft, smooth skin.

Right now the scrub can be scooped up at the Semi-Annual Sale at four for $20, making them an affordable gift to stockpile in advance.

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Sex & the City Blue Satin Manolos

Wednesday June 4, 2008
We were all drooling over the countless gorgeous things in the new Sex & the City movie, which debuted last weekend. From Carrie's stunning Vogue wedding gown pictorial, to the yummy array of designer handbags that each of the girls carry, there was nothing left to chance when it came to outfitting such a film. Costume designer Patricia Field has a knack for creating trends and putting them on the map via Carrie and company, so it's no wonder that when the powers that be at Manolo Blahnik got wind this shoe was featured in the movie, the price increased substantially.

Available in June, and retailing for a reported $825, the blue satin Manolo Blahniks with a jewel encrusted brooch, already has a sizeable waitlist according to the NYC boutique. No word on whether or not department stores will have the shoes in stock, but expect the eBay prices to be through the roof much like Carrie's "stolen shoes" (also known as the silver Manolo Blahnik Sedarby's) from season 5, which go for nearly double their price on the auction site.