Top 10 No-Iron Work Pieces

10 simple pieces that will have you at work, looking together, no matter what

Stylish work clothes sans much effort? Sign me up! As if mornings aren't hectic enough, the last thing you want to do is run to throw something in the dryer or pull out the ironing board. No-iron work pieces are imperative for the modern working woman, and 15 Minute Fashion has its Top 10 List.

1. Brooks Brothers No-Iron Classic Fit Shirt

The Brooks Brothers No-Iron Classic Fit Shirt is the only work shirt you could ever need. Made of fine woven cotton, the shirt is the answer to staying crisp and feeling your best all day. Besides being wrinkle-free, the shirt also flatters every body shape. It even withstands the most difficult test of all: the three hour flight.

2. Gap Straight Leg Cotton Trousers

Perhaps it's the genius blend of cotton and Lycra, but these pants are a winner. The fabric is heavy, but moves with you throughout the work day, and even the khaki pair stay in tip-top shape without the help of an iron. They're wash-and-wear and the clean straight leg is appropriate for any work environment.

3. Banana Republic Lightweight Wool Pencil Skirt

This lightweight skirt can be worn year round, making it a great versatile piece for the price. The skirt can be worn with flats or a pair of pumps, and can also be dressed up for cocktail hour with the right accessories. It sits comfortably at the waist, and can take being packed into a suitcase for hours and come out looking fresh from the dry cleaner.

4. J.Crew Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan

Who doesn't love cashmere? When you're at the office all day, this little snippet of luxury will make you feel like a million bucks. Best of all, J.Crew cashmere is great quality for the price. Pick one in navy or black to play it safe, or brighten up your day with a cardigan in cobalt or yellow. Cashmere can be handwashed at your leisure, and seldom wrinkles.

5. Ann Taylor Margo Felicity Wide Leg Pants

A pinstripe pant is a work essential because it allows you to work in multiple blazers. These are made of a wool/viscose blend, meaning the pant moves with your body. The pinstripe pattern lets you work in a black blazer, or any shade of gray, making them a great go-to pant to have on hand.

6. Ann Klein Buckled Sheath Dress

A sheath dress works into any work wardrobe, and this one has a little something extra. The cotton/rayon blend is virtually wrinkle free and can be layered under a blazer or cardigan. You can also try it with a long sleeve stretch tee or oxford underneath during the cooler months.

7. Banana Republic Seamless V-Neck T-Shirt

This seamless t-shirt works perfectly in the office when you have to keep your jacket on all day. Add a long necklace, or a bright silk scarf and you're set without having something fussy on. The seamless material is a stretch blend, and when rolled, takes up virtually no room in a suitcase. This t-shirt is also available in a crewneck for more options on a daily basis.

8. Ann Taylor Herringbone Textured 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

The perfect answer to your blazer alternative, this herringbone jacket has 3/4 sleeves, so it's ideal for warmer weather. Put it over a sheath dress or shell for a polished look that is feminine and smart for the office. Because of the texture, this jacket always looks crisp.

9. Banana Republic Lightweight Wool Blazer

The companion blazer to the rest of the Banana Republic Lightweight Wool collection, this jacket is a year round piece. Throw it on over anything and feel ready for that big presentation without worrying about looking frumpy. The hefty fabric and princess seams create a look that is flawless for the office.

10. Merona Knit Wrap Dress

It doesn't get any better than this. The wrap dress works on any figure, and one made of a jersey blend will hug in all the right places and be comfortable, no matter how many hours you're logging in at the office. This one is incredibly affordable, and the spandex blend means no wrinkles at work or anywhere else you might wear it.