Top 10 Pocket PC Freeware Programs

This is a list of some of the top Pocket PC freeware programs for the Pocket PC.

1) TaskPlus

While you can see your ToDo list on your Today Screen, you have to actually enter the ToDo program to add or remove entries. What TaskPlus does is allow you to edit entries right on the Today Screen. You also have the ability to "clone" your ToDo lists, meaning you can have several lists on your Today screen. This is a great program every Pocket PC user should have on their PDA.

2) PocketMusic MP3 Player

This MP3 player really beats Windows Media Player for Pocket PC. It's pretty much a Winamp clone for Pocket PC. If you're a music lover, download this freeware (you will need to register for a free registration code).

3) cLaunch

cLaunch is one of the best Today Screen launchers you'll find. What makes it different from most launchers is the fact that you can create multiple tabs for different categories.

4) vBar

This utility fits in the top right corner of your screen. It allows you to switch tasks, browse files, launch programs, and much more. This is an extremely handy utility.

5) PocketTV

PocketTV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player for Microsoft Windows Mobile Powered devices

6) Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC

Microsoft reader is probably the best and most versatile ebook reader available. If you read ebooks, check out this program.

7) nPOP

This is one of the best email clients for Pocket PC and the great part is it's free. With this client, you are looking at the email on the server so you don't actually have to download it. If there is a message you do want to dowload, you can easily do that.

8) SafeMode for PocketPC

For Pocket PC 2003 / 2003 SE only. Ever install a program and then your Pocket PC doesn't restart? With shortcut keys, you can get into safemode just like you do on your PC. An easier way is to install SafeMode, a program that gives you the choice to enter safemode everytime you reboot your PocketPC. This is a simple but effective program that every Pocket PC 2003 /2003 SE owner should have.

9) Porta-Pinball

Porta-Pinball is a freeware pinball game for Pocket PC computers. It features realistic ball and flipper physics, powerful bumpers, flashing lights, and drop-down targets.

10) Remote Display Control for Pocket PC

According to Microsoft: With the Remote Display Control application, you can display actions on a Pocket PC, including user input, remotely on the display of a desktop or laptop personal computer. This is a great tool for demonstrating the power of the Pocket PC to a large audience. It also allows developers to test their applications for the Pocket PC on a larger screen.