Euro 2008 Kits

For many teams across Europe, the second biggest tournament to qualify and win would be the Euro. Behind the World Cup, of course. So it is a big time for all teams across the continent to unveil kits that will be worn for this event only, or for a couple years following. Though some of the kits have not changed since the 2006 World Cup, there are some that have, so I have created a collection of the kits here.

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However if you want a brief synopsis of the teams kits, here you go:

The home kit is a traditional red with nothing more than the Puma logos and the Austria badge. No more, no less. Simple and elegant.

The away kit is a solid black new design from Puma that has the national colors on the front of the collar that really adds a nice touch.

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The Croatian home kit is that of traditional red and white checkers. Traditional and simple, no need to veer too much from what works.

The away kit they will wear during the Euro 2008 is a nice blue with the checkers down the sides. The nice touch is the red collar that looks great with the red in the checkers.

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Czech Republic
The same kit that Czech Republic will wear for the home matches Euro 2008 is same as the one they wore for the 2006 World Cup, or at least I have not seen the newest home kit. If this is the kit they wear for the Euro it is a nice one. Solid field of red with the lion from the crest in the background.

The away kit is one of the newer ones from Puma and is by far the nicer of the two kits the Czech Republic have. Solid white with touches of red on the sleeves. It’s sharp and simple with a retro look with the collar.

France did not change their kit too much from the World Cup 2006, but with this new special edition Euro 2008 kit there are some modest changes. The biggest of course is the redesign of the logo to a more modern look. I like the changes, but not a huge fan of the collar.

Germany unveiled their new kit for the Euro 2008 and it has a feel of the 1980’s. I do not like the design across the front with the national colors going into the national badge. Aside from that the kit is what you would expect for one of the worlds top teams.

For years I have been a fan of the white kit with blue thoughout and nothing more. Thus the new kit for Greece is one of my personal favorites. It’s hard to go wrong with the color scheme and simplicity along with that. Nothing more than the three stripes down the sleeves and the national badge.

Holland released their new away kit with a unique color scheme that had little to do with the national colors. However I later found out that the light blue is the color of the royal family and the red, white and blue stripes are the actual colors of the nation. I like seeing national team kits that focus on showing their pride for the country.

One of my personal favorites thus far with the new releases has to be Italy’s new away kit. Puma has done a wonderful job with all the new away kits, but Italy’s seems to be my favorite thus far. Solid field of white with gold trim and the national colors on the front of the collar make this kit a must for any Italy fan.

Like the Italians, Puma unveiled a new kit for Poland. This one is lacking some character and is nothing more than a red kit with a collar. I would have liked to see the national colors on the front of the collar like other teams. However that is not the case, so Poland received a new kit with no character.

Nike and Portugal collaborated on a kit that I think does not do the country or players justice. This is not a kit that I would be proud to wear aside from the Portugal Badge on the left chest. The red, green and white color scheme does not gel together. It’s not the colors, but the way the colors are arranged. Nike missed out on this one.

Romania’s home kit is another that focuses on the national colors by utilizing the burnt yellow and red throughout the kit. Red stripes down the arms show the alliance to Adidas and the national pride well.

The away, also manufactured by Adidas, is a classic white with red and blue throughout. Both kits are extremely nice and well thoughtout. I will be looking for updates with better pictures as often as I can, but you can get the basics from the picture.

Russia made an impressive run to get into this tournament and the kits they will wear is just as impressive. The home kit is a basic white with blue touches around the collar and the sleeves. Nothing special, just a simple looking kit.

The away kit adds a nice touch of nationalism as it incorporates the Russian flag across the chest with red, white and blue stripes on a solid field of red. Nike did a great job with these kits, and I’m sure the Russian players will be just as proud on the pitch.

The new Spanish home kit that will be worn until 2009 is one of extreme elegance. Maybe it’s the traditional Spanish crest on the left chest. Maybe it’s the color scheme. Whatever the case, it is a great looking kit with red and the yellow highlighted througout, but not too much.

Sweden has always had a yellow kit with blue highlights. So why change it now when something you have done for so long works so well? I don’t know, but thank goodness Umbro did not veer too far away from that. Solid yellow with blue touches around the collar and sleeves. Umbro has always made nice kits, and this is no exception to that assumption.

Though Puma did not put the national flag of Switzerland on the front of the collar like they have with other teams, I think they did a great job with the new Switzerland home kit. Adding the red on the bottom of the sleeves and down the sides really adds a nice touch. Make the collar red and you have a fantastic looking kit. One of the nicest I have seen in this tournament.

With a new color scheme for the away kit, Turkey and Nike scored big time with the solid white. Nothing more than a white kit with a light blue collar and the Turkey National Flag, which makes it simple and classic. Great looking kit from Nike.

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