iPod FM Audio Transmitter


iPod FM Audio Transmitter
Become a DJ yourself by beaming the contents of your iPod to your very own radio. By acting as a tiny short-range transmitter, this clever little device turns the output of your iPod into an FM radio signal

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Sonance IW2 IPORT iPort In Wall iPod Docking Station

The Sonance IW2 in-wall iPort dock blends in seamlessly with your decor. Music and video is ported from the IW2 to your AV receiver via a standard CAT 5 (ethernet) cable, so you get the ultimate convenience, design, and high performance.

Shower iPod Dock

Now here’s a portable dock allows you to bring your iPod into the shower. It can be easily connects to your iPod and other audio player and keep it safe under a splash-proof dome. It comes with an AM/FM radio, stereo speakers, LCD clock and also include a detachable stand and rope for hanging. It requires AG13 button cell battery whivh is included and 4 “AA” batteries which are not included. It measures 5-3/4×9-1/2″H and it’s available for $19.99.