The 5-Minute Chignon

Prepare your hair.

Photo: S. Cabrera
Starting with slightly dirty hair, run a styling cream into your hair to create more texture. While your hair will be up, you still need it to have some heft. Work the styling cream into your hair, focusing mostly on what will make up the chignon itself.

Pull it back.

Photo: S. Cabrera
Wipe the residue of the styling cream through the crown of your hair, pulling it all back smoothly. Now pull your hair back into a true ponytail, securing it with an elastic, slightly higher than the nape of your neck. Imagine a standard cheerleader ponytail. This is the height you want to pull your hair into, as it will elongate the neck and create a formal look.

Start to twist.

Pull the ponytail tight, and split the hair into two even sections. Starting at the base, slightly twist the section of hair, and bring it over to the opposite side of the ponytail. The section should only be slightly twisted and be a bit loose. Once you've twisted it under, secure the section with a few bobby pins. Be sure to keep the pins hidden with the twisted section of hair.

Other side!

Repeat Step 3 with the other section of hair.

Finish it up!

Once both pieces of hair are loosely twisted and secured, finish off the look with a mist of hairspray. Be sure not to go overboard with hairspray or glossing spray, as the look is meant to be natural and chic, not overstyled. Use a sheer hairspray, simply to keep the chignon in place and create a "finished" look.